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 Tourism Conduct

21 April 2014

​ Conduct tourism is a set of directives that are placed be taken as a guide to how the occurrence of operations and activities . Roads and positive volunteer is the best way to ensure long-term commitment for the development of tourism because tourism industry is made up of a large number of small and medium -sized enterprises. 

The success of the tourism industry is not compromised on any aspect of the natural environment or cultural community . Has been working on versions of the publication of the rules of conduct for the tourism tourists coming from the home and from abroad in several languages ​​and tourism service providers . Have been deployed to all the target groups of the project. Since the beginning of the idea of ​​deploying those rules in 1426 , was the use of the World Tourism Organization to take advantage of the Global Code of Conduct tourism , then formed a committee of several competent authorities in this area , and offered such a code to be studied and taken out a way that fits with our religion , customs and traditions without compromising the underpinnings and the target Entries for that . After the adoption of a code ( of conduct ) in the year 1427 , was printed rules of behavior coming from abroad and coming from the inside in the Arabic language and indexed and recorded the Library of King Fahd in 1429 , was introduced after the amendments to the Code and the translation booklet tourists coming from abroad, in both English and French , and added her Handbook of conduct for tourism service providers in the year 1430 , after the entry into force of all the quantities printed the year 1429 , has been making some adjustments in line with the requirements of tourism , with the designs of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities​​