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 Khaybari: Proficiency "wicker" was the most important testimony

05 March 2015

- Handicrafts Arabia known for their quality in the region
- Ready for the education of young people .. and "thing, made by hand know its value."

ealing friendly and good spirit for the people of Medina is not a myth, stand with wicker maker Easa Saleh Khaybari and make sure it-yourself while offers you a historical explanation and contemporary at the same time for these handicraft directly related to one of the most prominent associated components closely in the Prophet peace be upon him, and talk here about "Palm".
Wicker industry, are craft products based on palm fronds specifically, this Maikberna by Khaybari reviews as well as the stages of processing this material since their acquisition of Palm, and then dried, dissemination and put it for about a week in the sun, and then the heating phase boiling to acquire the force required extent, and put tints of color, and thus become the "Kusi" material ready for the manufacture of several products, including mats, travel food, baskets, decorations and other, albeit Khaybari sums up all this in one sentence, "we can make of it what we want."
"This is the last life, there were only mats and mattress House and baskets known as (Alzembel- unaffordable), which hold the vegetables or dates," thus tells us Uncle Issa, who knows Bal_khasav or Kusi relative to the wicker, which seems more people are convinced this profession and recognition her after 35 years of work in since he was ten years old, where he learned from his mother, who worked for many years on Kusiat, which is not the only profession he knows anyway, he says, "are the women's career and took it as a hobby cemented in my mind, but I have five other symbols, a rope of palm fiber, making fishing nets, and Alsofiat Needle, sewing, and doubt on the beads. "
The good news is that the transmission of the craft between the generations in Khaybari family will not soon stop, where he says he is ready to teach any of the crafts he knows to his son who touch has inclinations to learn, and the show is fully prepared to provide the same service for any of the young people who are interested in it, stressing clearly "Elly Libby learns I'm ready! " Khaybari also does not agree with those who describe the craft as a "living trust in what" wicker industry has already achieved a good deal of physical interest, but it is considered that the most important goal is to maintain the continuity of the craft and protection from extinction.
Issa has Khaybari -oho His first position on the artisans in Okaz market in the field of Akhaws- length Pal enviable during his work, it seems immersed in thinking unless interrupted one of his friends around him, one of the ideas that occupied while the processes of "grade" and "linkage" is the desire in the presence of more communication between craftsmen and those interested in their work, as well as between the artisans themselves, and not only on festivals, commented, "We wish the existence of a place or forum brings us together and discuss it and learn about careers each in the regions of the Kingdom, may I quote something from the other craft or One of them may get the idea to me, and we can do a joint production between Hrvatan hand grenades from two different areas. "
Having told us Khaybari that industry wicker basket and only one day take, eat great family and social appreciation for handicrafts in Medina for a long time, as usual as people of character ambassadors for the region and have a rating of its people, "it was our people are focusing on the craft more than anything says Last, since our childhood we are used to go to the palm trees and cut Vensaga wicker, and the ability of the child or young man on these matters were considered a benchmark for its success but also socially significant and more than academic success. "
Wicker differs from region to region, and even the way grade vary, but civil Kusi is that the city products and Khyber longer is the finest of its kind, says that the handicraft Arabia generally considered the best in the region in terms of quality, and is considered the most important reason for the success of the literal is belief that the finest producer of others, and even superior to what is imported and displayed in the market, commenting "thing who settle in your hand know its value."
Facetiously comment Khaybari on from talking about the capacity guessed that make delve deeper into the palm fronds details, he felt that this is one of the benefits of engaging in this kind of character, where he learned of them focus and has gained a sense of Dhukie and aesthetically makes him more eager to provide a creative work, is Do not stop repeating his call for craftsmen to uphold Bhrvhm and Angulwha to the next generation, the talk was interrupted more than once because of the passage of visitors and buyers, wicker fun maker has the same smile in telling them repeatedly that the price of small Almhvh five riyals, and the Big Ten riyals, is due to speak again , then stops to comment on visiting smiling, accompanied by their children, "What are these are these are Mhvh broom!" Before he gets the answer, including "Bstrae Tntin, shape Cuesh time!"