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 Ministers Decision

​​​​The decision of the Governing Council of the Supreme Commission for Tourism dated 21/02/1425 AH based on the response of Their Excellencies, Ministers relevant authorities character and handicrafts, a decision the Board of the Supreme Commission for Tourism in its tenth meeting held on 21/2/1425 AH for the preparation of the national strategy for the character, handicrafts, participated in the preparation of a working group of the Commission and the ministries and other government agencies and consulting international experts in addition to the survey of international experience from Turkey, Morocco and Tunisia. Demonstrated strategic importance, cultural and Aajtmaih and Aaguetsadah character, handicrafts and its contribution to the national income of motion-activated production and marketing generated by the added value and provide job opportunities for community groups, male and female. Hence be in the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, the name of the national project for the character and handicrafts ( Baree).​​​​

  • Ministers Decision (حجم الملف: كيلو بايت)
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