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 National Strategy

​Proceeding from that Saudi Arabia possesses characters and handicraft rich have had St. that in the country's past, but it is a result of the transformations of social and Aaguetsadah witnessed by the Kingdom suffered the character of neglect for some time, which has had a deep impact on the decline in spite of the great efforts Contributed by the National Guard to encourage artisans to practice their crafts at the annual National Festival for Heritage and Culture (Janadriya) but they were not enough to turn them into sector contributes effectively to the development programs for Aaguetsadah and Aajtmaih Kingdom.  

​Therefore initiated the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities call to visualize the development of crafts and handicrafts and development, and then saw the ministerial committee to follow up the craft project the numbers of a comprehensive national strategy addressing all the issues faced by the character, and identifies the party that sponsored, was prepared strategy which was attended by specialists from all the relevant authorities relationship within the Kingdom, and international experts in the field of character, was poll the experience of Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, and the Board of Directors approved the strategy, as approved by the Shura Council as a project contributes to the economic development investment, and job creation in the Kingdom.​​​