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 Organization Structure

Pay craftsmen and craftswomen with the program "Baree" for turning many of them reaction to the ongoing activity and renewed integrated with various sectors, to put the same program as a platform to launch an economic and productive and promising projects, said Supervisor General of the National Programme for the character and handicrafts "Baree" confidence in the future of the craft industry in Kingdom under the application of the quality of projects to support and encourage the advancement of their chances and their owners, stressing in this side on the big interest earned by witty program of cooperation and integration with a number of partners and the cooperation of everyone with him in achieving its objectives.

He said: "The methodology implemented by the program since its inception contributed to invest a lot of energy in the field of handicrafts both at the level of production or training, explaining that the post (Baree) in the exhibition" Producers "partner societal responsibility, based on three main components definition program and to provide artisans, craft gifts. "

The general supervisor of the national program for the character and handicrafts (Baree) "focused on craft gifts to the mud houses Center products where we have come as an example or samples for the benefit of productive families, whether Bmhakadtha or developed, was also selected a group of Aharviean outstanding to participate in the wing of a variety of character is Alkhusiat embroidery and crochet addition to continuing in the definition program (handyman) and its vision and objectives in the care of handicrafts in the Kingdom. "

He said Herbish in this regard that the program puts inclusiveness, creativity and diversity major stepping stones in the ongoing plan to develop the character, and the establishment of craft centers, shopping centers and training courses held throughout the year in various parts of the Kingdom, which is all counting factors will make the national handicrafts industry has cultural their own characteristics high standards, adding, "We have received a draft craft centers cooperation secretariats and municipalities where he is expected to be held These centers provide services in the marketing and sale of artisan work steadily throughout the year.

As for the prospects for the program in its current phase, it has acknowledged the support and attention that he finds the program of His Royal Highness the President of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the National Programme for the development of handicraft industries, and support of all body segments. What has been achieved for the program as it enters the third year of a positive reaction from the craftsmen and institutions involved in even a constituent stages.

"I can say that (Baree) a King project to take care of cultural heritage trails, which carries an important responsibility in touch cultural, historical and social components and re-produced and presented as an actor and a modern, expresses the identity of the Kingdom and its extensions and dimensions of civilization."

Referred to the Producers gallery has included a set of wings craft for investors from home also introduced a large number of craft products and handicrafts that are supported by the program (Baree), where the detection of successful experiences, some turning into a real character projects a modern founders and its repercussions physical good.​