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 Sector Importance

Civilizational and cultural importance:
Represent crafts and handicrafts working man who grew up with and still accompanied by, and will continue until God inherits the earth and them, where the United Nations maintains its cultural identity and national originality.


Inspired crafts inspiration from the heritage characterized by every nation, and represent an important aspect of that heritage, and the value of major latent reflect the capabilities of the nation through history on the exercise of civilization and culture in all its dimensions physical and spiritual; making it the window can be through knowledge of their conditions and its changes, etc. had been affected and the impact of the result of contact with other and interact with him. For this call was urgent for the maintenance of folklore in general, and the literal him especially, to extract the features of originality in this character, and consider expanding employed economically, socially and culturally; thus contributing to the overall development, and adoption essentially complementary to raise awareness of the importance of the development of the cultural heritage and make it viable.


Social significance:
When considering the reality of crafts and handicrafts in industrialized countries or states emerging in the way of growth, we find that the common denominator that distinguishes it is the recognition by all parties of the importance of its role, and its enormous potential for creating employment opportunities for all segments of society, male and female, without the need for large capital of what is characterized by artisanal sector of a large capacity to absorb the energies of functional task, as well as its contribution to the balance of the development process as well as reduce migration from villages to big cities. States which have organized themselves and had to keep up with the changes imposed by the social conditions, has been able to maintain employment in the trades, especially those that did not succumb to the currents of modernization and remained steadfast Fujpt maintained and developed.

The economic importance:
Generate crafts, handicrafts, value added in the national income and provide job opportunities for community groups, male and female, and thus contribute to the development of the economy and stimulate production and marketing.

Tourist interest:
Became recognized on a global level that there is close correlation between the craft sector, handicrafts and tourism sector in most countries, so that the visitor / tourist, whatever the type of tourism practiced - and whether his long-or limited rarely leaves the place which is visited by without carrying a memorial to him.


Suggest more studies conducted by experts in collaboration with UNESCO, that the Arab countries is characterized by high-quality craftsmanship industries derives its authenticity from the past centuries. Linkages between tourism and crafts and handicrafts is a reality and desired by government bodies, as has become the character an effective element in attracting tourists, like the sun, sea and desert and effects, etc., and thus became a tourism benefit from the quality of the character and diversity, while the demand of tourists from craft products become fundamental factors to activate crafts and handicrafts.


Relations between the artisanal sector tourism numerous, reflecting booming markets character and handcrafts its products varied the close relationship between the private and mutual interests, until it became the requirements of tourism in recent years, the diversity of products, crafts and handicrafts and good presentation, and the Hajj and Umrah seasons of the most important opportunities that are keen Haj or Umrah visitor or buy products literal gifts for distribution in the country.​