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  • ​​​​Creating an institutional framework for the development and management sector crafts and handicrafts. 

  • Improve the image of the Kingdom of craft practice with the benefit of skilled craftsmen and transfer their expertise, Develop their skills to train the younger generation.

  • Facilitate funding for artisans and encourage investment in the trades to increase its contribution to the gross domestic product.

  • Support and encourage programs of crafts and handicrafts existing at the present time and build on it. 

  • Make maximum use of local materials, protection and development with the preservation of the natural environment.

  • Development of methods for marketing products, craft and means of cooperative marketing.

  • Find the energies of skilled craftsmanship employed in urban heritage preservation and archaeological sites.

  • Support and encourage charities and volunteer committees active in the field of crafts and handicrafts. 

  • ​Involving the private sector and various community groups in the development of the artisanal sector​