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  • Preparation of detailed plans for the programs and projects of the national strategy for the character, handicrafts and five-year operational plan.
  • Work on the implementation of the programs and projects of the strategy by all concerned and follow up the implementation and performance evaluation.
  • Management sector activities in coordination with the artisans and others concerned.
  • Preparation and implementation of policies, finance, investment, marketing and promotion.
  • Facilitate adaptation crafts activities with the requirements of the market, technology and international competition.
  • To act as coordinator with the relevant authorities as to serve the sector in the areas of finance, production, training and marketing.
  • Assurance and quality control of the product literal and put his brand through the development of system specifications and work on the application.
  • The issuance of the necessary permits for artisans to practice the craft, and to establish a register of professional craftsmen.
  • Create a climate for the private sector to invest create centers for the training of new generations on handicrafts.
  • Care and support educational programs to familiarize citizens with the authenticity of the letter, which mastered parents.
  • Exchange of experiences with the developed countries to guide their experiences in developing and maintaining the character of extinction.
  • The preparation and implementation of policies and programs aimed at preserving the heritage crafts and handicrafts, and to encourage innovation.
  • Organizing training and rehabilitation center in coordination with the literal and the concerned ministries and institutions.
  • The development of the organization and system and implementing regulations for the character and handicrafts.
  • Take care of the social conditions of craftsmen, and to provide them with appropriate social coverage in cooperation with the parties concerned.
  • And to encourage the establishment of cooperative societies craft production and marketing, and the centers and parks and craft villages.
  • The establishment of a national center for studies and research, crafts and handicrafts; undertake the tasks of documentation​