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 About the program

​His Royal Highness Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Chief of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the National Programme for the development of handicrafts and industries, "Baree", the handicraft industries economic project is promising, and an integral part of national identity, expressing his hope in a concerted effort and the advancement of crafts sector and its ability to produce and export in 5 years.

He pointed his presided over the fourth meeting of the Supervisory Committee of the National Programme for the development of handicrafts and industries, "Baree" on Monday evening, which was held at the headquarters of the Authority in Riyadh to take care of the state and its interest in heritage of civilization in general, and the Gaza handicrafts in particular industries, praising the Cabinet decision distinguished which approved in which the national strategy for the development of crafts and handicrafts executive and five-year plan, and it is the High Holy Face, which state that all gifts from local heritage manufactures be. His Highness said: "The General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities revalued crafts Prize in Okaz market this year, to 500 thousand riyals, an encouragement for this vital sector, and the motivation for craftsmen and artisans to innovate and provide a national product refined and able to compete on the local and international level, and bring benefits desired citizen by contributing to the provision of job opportunities, and support gross domestic product, which is consistent with the vision of the state in the recruitment sector, crafts and handicrafts in all fields, social, cultural and economic. "

The meeting discussed a number of main themes, including the review of the national program paths for the development of handicraft industries and achievements, and the findings and recommendations of a survey of South Korea's experience in the development of handicrafts and industries organized by the Commission in the framework of its program to explore the world's best experiences in heritage preservation and development of the trip, and it was the most important results of the cooperation memorandum signed by His Highness the President of the Commission with the Korean Minister of Culture last May, the executive program for cooperation in the field of tourism and handicrafts between the two countries. The meeting also discussed the results of a poll organized by the Moroccan experience body, trip recently, and joint cooperation agreement signed by the Minister with his traditional industries Moroccan Samad Giwh, and its contents of development programs in the field of handicraft industries.

The participants reviewed the draft and handicrafts crafts system, and the model organizational structure provided for the program, in addition to a number of topics related to the development of crafts and handicrafts sector in the Kingdom.

The representative body of the Supervisory Committee of the National Programme for the character and handicrafts Dr. Jasser Bin Salman Al-Herbish, visual presentation, during the meeting, which dealt with funding path and investment program, and the financing of handicrafts and industries through the contribution of financial institutions and programs to small and medium enterprises such as Saudi Bank for Savings and programs families support produced. He indicated that there is a plan to the program aims to contain every Saudi home during the three years to come on the national craft registered, and every home a Gulf Arabic must contain one of these trades within 5 years according to the plan, explained during the presentation that the plan includes work to develop capabilities about 100 craftsman "professor or professor," and the establishment of a national economic entity for the marketing of craft products available and productive artisans and associations, and the conversion of architectural heritage sites to the vessels to embrace investment in handicraft industries.